BlinxBox releases its first Box

BlinxBox, a groundbreaking new-media start-up located in the hub of Tel-Aviv is unveiling its first Box catering to Instagram lovers using Android devices.
The company has been working in stealth mode for the last 12 months, developing a new media consumption tool called “Box”. The micro TV-like window streams images, videos and social feeds directly to the user’s mobile desktop without having to launch an app or access a browser.


Using patented (pending) technology, each Box streams feeds from preferred sources: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. The Box aggregates media, alerting users of a new feed by rich push notification, even if their device's screen is off.

Users can immediately interact with the content they receive and take specific actions offered by each Box. The Box’s functions, look & feel and digital attributes can easily be adjusted remotely, giving BlinxBox a clear competitive edge.

Today, the company launches its first Box, enabling Instagram lovers to keep up to date and receive image feeds directly. No hassle. No apps. The information they want, and nothing else, delivered straight to their devices.

The company is working fervently on its upcoming Boxes, starting with its London Olympics Box which will hit the Android market at the beginning of July, and a Facebook Box scheduled later this year.

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“People consume digital media from numerous destinations on a daily basis.” notes CEO Nir Segev, “With the marketplace being flooded with new apps every day, users currently have to jump from one app to another in a frenetic search for their favorite content. BlinxBox brings it all right to them , as it arrives, with minimal effort”
The company’s two founders, Nir Segev (CEO) and Efi Merdler-Kravitz (CTO) have managed Development groups in global companies for over 10 years. The company is backed by private capital and industry experts from the new-media landscape.
BlinxBox is seeking it next round of investment.

BlinxBox can be found at this link: Google Play