BitTorrent Sync App for Android launched in Beta

BitTorrent have released a beta of their Android app for syncing on their sync service. The main service went live as an alpha in April.

The technology is based on Peer-to-peer technology as we know the generic bittorrent network is built on top of. This offering is completely private and secured end-to-end, and most of the time your data will not even touch their servers as it will sync via your local network if possible.

Those of you who are tethered to your 3G connections need worry, BitTorrent have relay servers which allow the app to be used flawlessly. Also, it is completely free and unlimited to use the service because it isn't costing them much money, if any to sync your data.

The Android app itself looks fairly decent consisting of a slightly unfinished looking Holo design, but this will probably be fixed in later updates to the application. A couple screenshots are available above.

You can download the app here.

Via: LandOfDroid