Bestselling mobile phones of the last 20 years

It might have taken up residency in a drawer or storage box in your office, but there is a fair chance that you were once the proud owner of a Nokia 1100 or perhaps a Nokia 3210.

When most people are asked to name the best-selling phone mobile phone for the last twenty years, there will be plenty of immediately assume that Apple would be top of the pile, but it is Nokia that wins the prize, by some margin.

As this infographic demonstrates, the sight of a Nokia 5110 with an actual aerial showing and the game Snake pre-loaded for your enjoyment, might be a trip down memory lane and perhaps even a bit embarrassing to think that so many of us owned a phone like this at one time, but it is estimated to have sold an incredible 160 million units.

In fact, when you are running through the list of the top-selling mobile phones over the last two decades, Nokia are by far the most dominant manufacturer. Apple might have won the hearts and minds of smartphone users with their slick offerings but in a numbers game, there are numerous Nokia models which have outstripped the competition.

One other model worthy of specific mention in the list is the Motorola StarTac, which was the first clamshell design phone and was actually one of the first mobile phones to offer a display screen. This cutting edge technology back in 1996 was enough to persuade some 60 million of us to part with our cash in return for this device.

Best selling mobile devices