Becoming a Freelance Copywriter: A Guide

The ability to write well should never be underestimated, especially if you can write quickly and to a client’s exact specifications. If these talents sound like they suit you well, then you could find a very fulfilling and profitable career as a freelance copywriter. In this endeavor, you would be paid by word or by project. By building up your brand and expertise (as well as client list), you can even start to be more demanding with your prices, and truly become a success of your very own.

As always, before you run, you do need to walk, so to help you start your new career as a freelance copywriter, you will want to follow this guide:

Your Options

You have a few options when it comes to working as a freelance copywriter.

1. Work with an SEO Agency

Though you are technically working for a company, you are still a freelancer. You are in full control of the work you take on or don’t. By working with an agency, you won’t make as much if you were to acquire clients all on your own, but that takes time and effort away from you. If you want to focus entirely on writing, this is the way to go.

2. Work Independently

You can put your services up on freelance sites, work to acquire clients on an individual basis, and even advertise your services as you would if you were a company.

Building Up A Great Routine

Regardless of the route you choose, you need to build up a healthy routine that will enable you to work productively every single day.

1. Can You Handle Working from Home?
Working from home can help keep your costs low, but it isn’t always the best fit. When you take on copywriting as a full time position, you should instead look into what coworking spaces there are available to you. These spaces are central, professional, and even act as the perfect backdrop if you were to operate as an independent business. You can find them all around the world, so if, for example, you were looking for a shared office London, you can find one with ease for a low monthly price.

2. Creating a Productive Work Day

Having a coworking space can be very useful when it comes to building up routine, so try to go to the office at the same time every day, take lunch at the same time, and so on. Doing this will help you be more productive during your working hours.

Tips to Improve Your Ability as a Freelance Copywriter

To further your career and become better as a copywriter, you will want to do a few things:

Read Articles and Reports in Your Niches

Try to make yourself a jack of all trades. Read reports, keep notes, and so on. This way you can draw from a wealth of statistics and facts at the drop of a hat for a wide variety of topics.

Keep Up to Date With SEO

Though as a freelance copywriter you don’t necessarily need to know the ins and outs of SEO, you do need to know how to write, format, and of course link your content for maximum effect. Understanding and keeping up to date with SEO practices can also help you sell yourself as a talented copywriter who can handle anything, from on-site to press releases, to even link building.