Backup Android phone into Online Vault

1Android data protection is now more vital thing than ever. This small device contains more sensitive and personal data. However most of the time we use local drivers, for store backed up files such as SD card, computer hard disk. If there is anything goes wrong, everything lost. So it's a wise thing storing our phone's backup on a cloud service. There are few solutions but most of them are not free.

Online Vault is one of the free android apps, which can back up your android phone's contacts, documents, music, pictures, videos and custom files into the online cloud server. You can save up-to 2 GB space free, if you need more space, you have to buy their premium service. The most significant thing is you can access your backup files anytime using your mobile or computer (via web browser).

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This post I'm going to show you how to back up your phone into Online Vault.

  • First install Online Vault using Google play store in here.
  • After the installation finished, run the application.
  • Very first time you have to create a new account. Proceed on screen
  • instructions for get a new account.
  • After successfully log-in you will redirect to the application main menu.
  • You have two options; backup everything or backup selected items.
  • If you need complete data protection tap on the "Start Backup Now"
  • If you need selected backup tap "Select backup files"
  • Now you have to check which items should backed-up.
  • After selected necessary files, press back button.
  • Now tap "Start Backup Now!"

Change Online Vault for better performances.

  • After run the application tap menu key.
  • Now you can select
  • Auto backup
  • Action performs frequency time intervals.
  • WI-FI only.
  • Restoration option.

If you need to use local driver such as SD card this app not compatible with it.

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