Audials - a Free App for unlimited Music Entertainment


Audialst is an Android application that enables you to listen to and record music from over 50.000 radio stations from all around the world. Some of its features include: mass recording (5 or more radio stations at the same time), searching for radio stations according to location or music genre and even look for an artist and find all the radio stations that are currently playing that particular artist.

audials1 audials2

Furthermore, Audials is able to create a song history comprising of all the songs that a radio station has been broadcasting while you were listening to it, making them thus available for listening once again. Another top-notch feature is called “Zapping” and it can be used to find artists and music tracks that are similar to your pre-selected preferences, this way allowing you to discover new radio stations that match your liking.

If you wish to give Audials a try, the application is available for download at the following address: