ASUS: Transformer TF101 Ice Cream Sandwich Update To Roll Out By Early February '12

Owners of the original ASUS Transformer (TF101) were ecstatic last week when ASUS promised the Ice Cream Sandwich update to roll out shortly after the one for the Prime, meaning any day after January 12th was fair game. Considering ICS for the Prime went out early, and shortly after ASUS Singapore posted this:


and then retracted it, we reached out to our ASUS U.S. rep to get everyone's stories straight.


Here's the current timeline relayed to us directly by ASUS: the ICS update for the original Transformer TF101 will be released by early February (and not late January, as ASUS SG is suggesting, although the difference is so small that either one of these projections could end up being correct). The update will occur in North America and Taiwan first.
One thing is for sure - ICS is not coming today, tomorrow, or next week, so sit tight, prepare to be a little bit patient, and relax - chances are you'll still be getting a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich ahead of 99% of Android tablets out there.

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Source: AndroidPolice