Arcus Motion Analyzer – The Smart ring – Live on Kickstarter

arcus ring

Yesterday an important project has started to gather funds on Kickstarter. Arcus is a motion tracking device in the form of a fantastic looking ring, which highlights how far the motion tracking technology has come.

And why is it so important?

  1. Arcus is created by Attrecto Smartphone Solutions, the company behind We have been working for almost 3 years to improve motion recognizing technology, and we are proud of our achievements. In the past year 6 software and hardware experts were working day by day to find the best sensors and solutions, which all have built in the prototype.
  2. Arcus is a one of its kind hardware. It tracks motion, recognizes finger gestures, and can send this valuable data to a smartphone app, giving the users real-time feedback. You can even use two rings to track multifinger gestures, or you can use it on both hands.

And how can a ring do this?

Arcus Motion Analyzer is a marriage of wearable activity trackers and gesture recognition devices that utilize the same technology found in aerospace to allow precise navigation within the 3D space.

With wireless charging it’s completely waterproof. Arcus can be used to analyze sports performance, and it is a useful tool for activity tracking as well. Arcus can connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth 4.0, and it will come with ready-to-use mobile apps. The ring is not only useful, but looks great, and it’s comfortable to wear.

The team also created a nice augmented reality app, so you can try the ring on in all colors. You just need to print the marker, apply it on your finger, and the app puts a ring on it.

arcus augmented reality ring app

get arcus ar app on google play get arcus ar app on app store

You can download the marker from the link below:

And do not forget to visit the website of Arcus Motion Analyzer!

The funding on Kickstarter already started, and we see that people like this incredible product. However the backers are coming continuously, we need more supporters to achieve our goal. Please support our efforts and share the Kickstarter project, so that we can keep on developing this awesome device.

arcus motion analyzer on kickstarter