Appsdrop - The way to find quality apps

appsdrop app iconAppsDrop is a free Android app whose focus is to help users to install only good apps.

It is like a quality filter for Google Play. Google Play is not a bad search engine, but it provide so many results that it is difficult to compare them to find the best ones. Appsdrop doesn't have millions of apps; just the best ones according to their editors. This way is easy to discover and download interesting apps.

Using AppsDrop I found it easy to find apps as the design is quite similar to Google Play or App Store. Every app has an independent review by an editor so it is a bit better than the common developer review found in Google Play. Nevertheless, they don't have as many user reviews as the original market.

Apps are sorted in more than 300 categories, so it is easier to browse apps than in Google Play where they rely only on their search engine. And more than 8.000 apps has been reviewed by their team. So it seems an interesting app.

Whay I liked the most was their filtering options. You can select only free apps, recommended apps, new apps... I found interesting apps when I tested it. More common questions about AppsDrop. You should give it a try!

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appsdrop home screen