Appreciate, the recommended app recommendation engine

appreciate appLet me introduce to you Appreciate (called Appreciate: Apps with friends in the Play Store). Appreciate is an app recommendation engine that gives users reasons for why they should download their next app. The basis on the recommendation comes from existing apps on the device, as well as apps that friends are using (Facebook connect). Many users have found Appreciate to be more effective than using the Google Play Store, and here's why:

appreciate app screen

  • The Appreciate Personal App Market is the must-have free app for Android users to get the most out of their Android device and mobile experience.
  • With an overwhelming number of apps in the Google Play Store (aka the Android Market) — more than 450,000 and growing — the Appreciate Personal App Market cuts through the clutter to find the apps that are perfectly tailored for you.
  • Appreciate is the first service to deliver a personalized view of any app in the Google Play Android Market with customized app pages and perfectly matching app recommendations delivered daily, based on the Appreciate user’s individual interests.
  • The Appreciate Relevance EngineTM employs state-of-the-art, cognitive algorithms and a powerful AI to continuously analyze the entire Google Play Android Market and assigns each app a unique relevance score for every user.
  • Appreciate determines how well every app – games, tools, multimedia, lifestyle, etc. -- fits every individual Appreciate user based on who they and what they like (based on demonstrated interest in type and style of apps).
  • Appreciate users can search every app in the Google Play Android Market and discover its personal relevance score and see a personalized app page showing how well an app fits their interests.
  • Appreciate recommends apps with one of three relevance ratings -- Strong Match, Good Match or Take a Chance -- which gives users an idea of why they should download it.
  • Appreciate is the only comprehensive Social App Market for Android, empowering users to locate others within the Appreciate community, and to discover and install apps that are being used by others with common interests.
  • Appreciate’s social functionality allows users to also discover relevant apps by matching users with other users who share common interests.
  • Appreciate recommends that users log-in using their Facebook account to maximize personalization.
  • Appreciate users receive personal app recommendations, see what apps their Facebook friends are using, and can share favorites with Facebook friends and others, via Facebook, email, SMS or through others in the Appreciate community.
  • In addition to personalized recommendations, Appreciate can show you trending apps for different categories or demographics based on user activity within the Appreciate community.

Additional info can be found on their website, or head over to Google Play to download the app.