is Creating a Community Around Mobile App Ideas

1For the first time, smartphone users themselves can be directly involved in picking what apps they see in the marketplace. During the first three weeks of each month (that's now!), app ideas are submitted to At the end of the month, in "voting week," all of the users come together to vote, comment, and decide what app is best. The winning idea wins some major cash. This is social app development.

Applits allows everyday smartphone users to get involved in the earliest stage of mobile app development: submitting, discussing, and perfecting the app idea itself before coding begins.

Marcellus, New York (PRWEB) July 09, 2012

Applits LLC, launched July 3, 2012, is the first online community that brings app enthusiasts together to collectively brainstorm the “next big app,” and get paid for it. In the past, mobile apps were developed from beginning to end by a single individual or app development company, with a “create now, market later” approach. Applits has given the end users the power to directly influence what apps they will see in the iPhone or Android application marketplace.

The Applits platform operates as a monthly competition; for the first three weeks of every month, site users submit their app ideas to Applits. After this three week period, which is tracked through a countdown timer prominently placed on the website, voting week begins.

For the duration of voting week, the entire Applits community of smartphone app enthusiasts come together to vote on the apps they want to see brought to light. The app that receives the most votes will be developed, and the submitter of the winning idea will win a grand prize.

Applits also rewards site users who submit excellent ideas and who make constructive comments during voting week by sending out smaller cash amounts of $10 to $20.

By allowing community members to submit and vote on the apps that they want to see on their smartphones, Applits will be developing apps that are proven to be highly desirable by end users across the world.

“For too long, creating apps has been something that has existed exclusively in the programmers domain. Why should only a few programmers and app development companies decide what apps you get to use every day of your life? Before now, app enthusiasts were rarely involved in the inception and creation of the applications they downloaded” stated co-founder and CEO Keith Shields.

Those interested in submitting their app ideas can go to the Applits website at and submit their idea within the current month’s competiton. Anyone with questions regarding Applits can contact the co-founders Keith Shields (@_keithshields) and Joshua Tucker (@JoshuaRTucker) on Twitter.

About Applits:
Applits LLC is the first company to bring crowdsourcing to mobile application ideas. Based in New York, Applits was founded by co-founders Keith Shields and Joshua Tucker in July 2012 with the vision of giving everyday smartphone users a direct impact on future smartphone applications they will be using in their everyday lives.