Apple Opted Not To Delay Samsung Galaxy S III Launch... So That The Case Goes To Trial Sooner

1According to the always sometimes occasionally reliable FOSS patents, Apple made a conscious decision to allow Samsung to launch the Galaxy S III on time... so that the case could go to trial sooner. Apple had the option of filing a temporary restraining order to potentially stop the shipment of the SGSIII, but doing so would've been a risk for a few reasons.

Because Apple and Samsung are still in litigation over the Galaxy Nexus, Apple could attempt to stop shipment of the GSIII using a temporary restraining order (TRO). In order for the TRO to be granted, Apple would have to prove that there aren't enough technical differences between the two phones; consequently, by their logic, the GSIII should be tied up as well. However, in filing a TRO, the hearing and trial would likely be pushed back. Factor in the the possibility of the TRO not being granted because the GSIII is sufficiently technically different, and it's an unappealing proposition. Thus, Apple opted not to file a potentially failing temporary restraining order that would delay their case.

With the hearing scheduled for June 21 and the trial set for July 30, we thankfully won't have too long to see how things go. Until, you know, the appeal. And then that appeal. And the new suits that continue to crop up left and right...

Source: FOSS Patents Via AndroidPolice