Appbrain intros ad network stats, social SDK’s, other dev tools


Appbrain today introduced a handful of new features for their site which aims to help Android developers. Available immediately, Appbrain provides access and insight into the market share of various ad networks, social SDKs, and other tools. If you're curious to see which ad network is be used the most or which apps are using a particular social SDK then this is your one-stop-shop.

If you've been following Android for any length of time then you're probably familiar with names such as OpenFeint, Flurry, AdMob, or ScoreLoop. With Appbrain's new libraries you can dig a bit deeper and find out exactly what these companies do and how developers can utilize them.

The Development Tools tab provides quick and easy access to many popular licenses, SDKs, analytic tools, and other resources. This is perfect for those scenarios where you might need to bone up on some APIs or licenses. What's more, this gives you a spot to see who in the Android space is taking advantage of the same libraries.

Appbrain's new library is updated on daily basis and really does a good job of peeling back the top layer of Android development. If you are a new developer looking for an extra hand, we'd suggest starting here. Going further, this is a perfect place to bookmark and return to on occasion, even for seasoned veterans.


Via: AndroidGuys