ApksDrop - A market for quality Android apps

ApksDrop is a market of free quality apps for Android. It offers a selected group of thousands of apps hand picked by their staff. You can directly download its APK so it can be used as an alternative to Google Play.

apksdrop app marketplace image

As content is filtered by real people, there are few garbabe apps. Most of them seem to be useful. While Google Play has more than 1.000.000 apps, they have "only" around 8.000. They state that apps needs to be approved before being published in ApksDrop in order to assure a high quality apps market. Details about Apksdrop in PortalProgramas. One of the top features of this app is that reviews are independent, no more reviews by developers of the apps but by an editorial team. And you can read real pros and cons and what matters of each app.

In ApksDrop you can find apps by searching: they provide a search engine with lots of results. And you can also browse categories. This is a nice feature as just a bunch of app markets offers a real categories set. You have hundreds of categories available. You also have a "App of the day". It is not always a free app, sometimes it is just a featured app they think that people will love.

Here, location matters. It shows top apps within your country. So apps shown at US are different from apps shown at UK for example. This way we know what matters around us and it help us to discover apps which could be interesting only in our country such as restaurant apps, hotel booking...

Some peoples will be released in the next month. The most interesting one is an apps manager, where you can update all installed apps right from ApksDrops. A real alternative to any other app market. Management of apps will be really easy.