Andy the Android Robot…. in LEGO?

android lego

Someone decided to make a LEGO Model for the LEGO CUUSOO platform where you can suggest new and exciting ideas you want LEGO to make. And what did they make? Well, you’re on an Android site, so they made the Android Robot, and call it Andy.

But yeah, it’s a LEGO model, so what? Well, you can actually rotate it’s head 360 degrees, and the arms move. Oh, and the ears too!

lego android

If you want to make it yourself then you can and the creator states the design costs around $30 via the Lego Digital Designer platform (which could probably be cheapened if LEGO take the idea on).

But, if you’re a graphic artist you probably will have noticed the colours are a little off, well the creator has asked LEGO if they make the design to have the kit in the correct Android Colours, which would be extremely nice.

Go vote for it on LEGO CUUSOO (there are a few steps to sign up and to support the idea, but the flow was quite easy for me using Twitter)

What do you think of this? Do you think it should be a LEGO set, tell us on all of the social networks we’re on, or in the comments bellow!

Via: LandOfDroid