Android Porting Effort

A new Google group has been created to work on porting Android to real and virtual hardware platform. The group is AndroidPort.

It's an exiting idea, and it would be relatively easy if Google would release the Android source code! But, it looks like it could be a while on that. Here's a quote from a Computer World interview with Dave Burke, an engineering manager in Google's mobile team:

Although Android will be open source, the source itself won't be released until late in 2008, when the first Android phones go on sale.

"There's a lot of intellectual property in this," explained Burke, so the providers of the technology have decided not to leak it until the environment is established. "This is Version 1.0. There will be bugs in it. We don't want to support and open it until it is ready."

So, it sounds like Google wants to give the members of the OHA a head start on those who decided to stay on the sidelines. Once the code does come out there could be some promising things, for example look at this list of mobile devices that currently run linux or and be made to run linux!