Android PDK + Jelly Bean

1The latest news that Google has announced in its Android Platform Development Kit (PDK) is too true to believe for Android lovers, whose patience have been tested for quite some time due to the slow Android updates on the Android-based phones. However, the fact is that Google has taken the right step at the right time. Along with the announcement of PDK, Google has also said that the PDK will be available to the hardware manufacturers and partners months in advance, before the launch of next major Android update.

What is Android PDK?

Google’s Android Platform Development Kit is essentially a set of tools that help the mobile manufacturers to port the new versions of Android on their devices well before the launch of the new Android version.

How It Works?

As Google makes the PDK available well before the launch of the new Android version, it helps the hardware partners to create better branding for their firms by offering latest version of Android on their phone on time, when it’s hot and fresh. All this development is not any far. The PDK is arriving along with the latest Jelly Bean update. So, end users can now enjoy latest versions of Android much faster. Hopefully, the long waits for Android users are finally getting over. This will also aid in app development as developers will have more time update apps in preparation for future updates. App development is massive business and ensuring an app is at the cutting edge can be make or break. For more information check out AppDevelopersUK.

Android Jelly Bean Update

Very recently Google has announced the release of the next Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean at the Google I/O Conference. This version upgrade basically focuses at improvising the UI in terms of performance as well as functionality. The new update features many improvements like ‘project butter’ that works on touch anticipation, increased vsync timing, triple buffering, and fluid smooth UI with a fixed frame rate of 60 fps etc.


Quicker Response Time

As per reports, the latest Jelly Bean OS will offer silky smooth graphics and transitions. The switch between home screens and other apps is now completely effortless and buttery soft, giving the end user an amazing touch experience. The touch responses are also more uniform and more responsive in the new version. Along with the better UI feel, the version also achieves better battery optimisation.

Notifications in Action

With the latest Jelly Bean update, one not only gets instant notifications but can also act upon them instantly. This gives the users complete control over notifications and to act upon them. That is not all, the notifications are now more expandable and one can get the deeper details of all the notifications.

Click and Share Photos Superfast

With Jelly Bean upgrade, now not only clicking pictures is fast but viewing and sharing them is also equally quick. Now that makes for a smart gadget, which works as fast as its master.


Smart Phones are now more human. With Jelly Beans’ accessibility features, even blind users can enjoy the experience of using smart phones by using the ‘Gesture Mode’. The Jelly Bean also supports add-on accessibility plugins like external Braille I/O devices through Bluetooth and USB. Above listed are just few of the many features of Jelly Bean version of Android. Google believes that there are still more to come.