Android overtakes 50% market share according to comScore

There's enough people in the world that every smartphone OS should be able to co-exist peacefully. In theory. Chalk it up to money and the electronic equivalent of Manifest Destiny, but the reality is that there's an all-out war among smartphone manufacturers of OSes and devices to capture the most market share, and it's a war that Android is currently winning.


According to recent data from comScore, Android has pulled in a whopping 17% of additional market share in the US since November of last year to hold the top spot at 50.1%. That leaves the remainder 49.9% to be divided up between everybody left. Of this, Apple takes up a hefty chunk at 30.2% (up from 28.7% last year), Blackberry takes up 13.4% (down from 16.6%), Windows takes up 3.9% (down from 5.2%), and Symbian takes up the same 1.5% it did last year. It's no surprise that Apple and Android adoption have continued to rise, but it's interesting how far ahead Android is pulling in the race.

Beyond a breakdown of actual OS market share rates, comScore found that smartphone adoption as a whole had increased 14% since last November, a statistic that goes hand in hand with people taking more and more advantage of various mobile data. This includes text messaging, web browsing, social networking, and all of the other stuff that you phone addicts(*cough*because I'm totally not one*cough*) can't get enough of, all broken down in the source article, if you care to take a gander.

The electronics industry, particularly mobile electronics, is a constantly shifting plane. Not too long ago, the trio of Windows Mobile, Palm, and Blackberry ruled the smartphone space. Now, thanks to a failure to adapt to the ever changing consumer climate, they're barely a consideration for most people when it comes to smartphone purchases. It makes one wonder: What will the smartphone landscape look like in 5 years? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Source Fierce Mobile Content Via AndroidGuys