Android OS on iPad and on iPhone 4 soon via OpeniBoot

Are you not fully satisfied with the iPad? Do you miss the Flash support? Are you curious how the Android OS works or do you just want to be special? OpeniBoot soon brings all this to you. OpeniBoos is basically the alternative of the Apple iBoot, that makes it possible to run any code (even without a signature) on our iOS device. This will enable us to test one of the Linux versions soon. Since both the iPad and the iPhone 4 use the Apple A4 processor with the same architecture, probably both will be able to run different operating systems. OpeniBoot

Unfortunatelly the devices have to be jailbroken before the installation, so if you want to run Android later on your device, do not refresh to the upcoming 4.2 version of the iOS. As soon as we find any Android edition for the iPad or the iPhone 4, we will get back to you with a detailed installation guide.