Android Open Kang Founder Roman Birg Finds New Job With CYNGN Inc

cyngnIt’s long been alleged that the guys over at CYNGN have never really liked the guys over at ”that other ROM” namely Android Open Kang Project, which of course was the initial CM Kang project kicked off in November 2011 by Roman Birg aka RomanBB, however thanks to our anon tipster we can reveal that Roman is currently packing up his gear and moving himself to a nice new office in Seattle to work with CYNGN founder Steve Kondik. It’s also said that AOKP Device Maintainer Tom Marshall (tdmcode) who had previously worked on CyanogenMod will also be headed off to CYNGN to join them.

A recent tweet by Roman confirmed there was a new job and new city on the horizon but no more info was given.


This could be seen as a strange move by many people given the relationship between AOKP and CYNGN as well as the personal relationship between Steve and Roman with allegations of Kondik snubbing him in public.

One can only hope that Roman will continue to contribute to AOKP in his free time, though whether he does or not is purely speculation at this time.

Via LandOfDroid