Android Integration with the Ford Focus Electric

fordOne of the top in car mobile technologies available for some time now is Ford’s Sync system which we must admit is pretty impressive. Ford is however taking it a step further with the launch of their new Focus Electric allowing users to control their cars remotely.

At CES 2012 in Las Vegas Ford unveiled their MyFord app that allows Ford Focus Electric owners manage when and how their cars will charge at home. This allows night time low charging for lower electricity bills or to override this and charge up quickly if you need the car for a long period of time now.

Since this car will only have about a 100 mile charge the MyFord apps allow for mapping of trips to plan around the locations of mobile charging stations as well as finding them when in a pinch.

Please let us know what you think. We wont be jumping into a car that will only go 100 miles on a charge any time soon as barely making it to work and home again without recharging seems a hassle. Although the technology is something to keep an eye on.