Android Dream set to unveil on May 6?

Update: A source inside HTC has contacted us and told us that this rumor is incorrect. Sorry for the hype, we'll keep an eye out for this mysterious HTC Dream phone we keep hearing about.

Original story:

There are rumors flying around that Android Dream is all set to be launched on May 6 by HTC. Here's's Will Park's take on the HTC Rumor:

HTC sent out invitations for some sort of press event in London, UK that will "Witness the next wave of HTC Innovation." According to Vincent over at Slashphone, the event is slated to kick off on May 6, 2008 - which is perfectly in line with HTC's previous announcement that the Dream would go live in mid-2008.

Will Park also covers the well known device details:

At 5 inches long and 3 inches wide, the HTC Dream is purported to sport a full-body touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, and be geared towards intuitive web-browsing.

Before burying this as a rumor, what piqued my interest is the May 6 date. Read more after the break.

Take a look at these deadlines from the ADC FAQ and you'll know why.

# April 14, 2008: End date for application submissions
# May 5, 2008: $25,000 awards are announced for 50 most promising entries

The May 6 date is significant because it's exactly a day after ADC (Android Developer Challenge) Phase1 winners are announced. Could this be planned so that they can demo the applications or maybe even send prototypes to the winners? The Android developers on the official #android IRC channel are a bit skeptical about getting prototypes but at the same time are aware of the importance of the May 6 date, since that will kick off the Phase 2 challenge.

The ADC Phase 1 is fast coming to an end by Apr 14, for which the Phase 1 developers are coding using the Google provided Android emulators. Even though the emulator is pretty easy to work with, its simply not going to be enough for the kind of advanced applications that will be built for Phase 2. To keep the developers motivated and to take the challenge to the next level, the ADC need to step up the game in time for Phase 2.

Given all this, it would make sense to assume that Google and the OHA partners will be working very hard to get a developers device out in time for Phase2 and they would want to do it immediately after awarding the Phase 1 winners. So all in all May 6 holds a lot of significance in terms of the ongoing ADC and is in line with meeting the Android developers expectations for Phase 2.

Come May 6, the Android developers will find out whether HTC Android Dream will be a Dream come true or is going to remain a dream forever!