Android developers are funny! :)

In the New Android 2.2 Froyo API: has been added.
It stands for "What a terrible failure", what a coincidence... :)

By the way, has anyone tried the command ./adb lolcat instead of ./adb logcat?

"An easter egg of sorts has been found withing Google's UK search page. Users who type in "Meet Android" and hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button can watch as a giant green Android takes over the results page. For those of you living outside of the UK, you can still check it out. Head to and follow the steps or and sit back."

Source: Gizmodo

Android SDK is full of funny little things like that. Yesterday I was checking what's new in 2.2 Froyo Api Demos, and for my biggest surprise I got some Inner Circle - Bad boys lyrics logged out in LogCat :) I made some screenshots, but try it yourself if you don't believe me.

Also check out this one:

There's no doubt Android developers are funny and it's so great to see such an open-minded community.