Android Cookbook Is A Crowd-Sourced Book Of Recipes For Learning App Development (Available Both In Print And On The Web)

android_cookbookThere are countless methods out there for learning Android development from the Android Bootcamp video series to the boatload of print publications currently in circulation to Helloandroid's own Android tutorials. Looking to create something both unique and helpful however, Android Cookbook has compiled a crowd-sourced set of recipes for "writing great Android apps," making them available for free online.

The online cookbook, which relies on user recipe submission and group moderation, was recently finalized for publication by O'Reilly, meaning it's now available both on the web and in print from various retailers. In its 22 chapters (plus an "other" category available online), the cookbook already has nearly 300 recipes for those eager to learn Android, and it continues to expand.


If example-based tutorials are your preferred method of learning, Android Cookbook is a great (free) resource. If you prefer the online cookbook, just hit the link below. Those looking for a print cookbook can grab a copy from Amazon here, from B&N, or directly from O'Reilly Media.

Source: Android Cookbook Via: AndroidPolice