Android 6.0: What's New With Marshmallow?

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

While Apple takes much of the press in terms of smartphones, Android users are more numerous than their iOS counterparts. With the imminent release of yet another iPhone and iOS 9, you might wonder how Google will counter. Meet Android 6.0: Marshmallow. The following is everything you should know about the new Android operating system and how it stacks up against the best Apple has to offer.

Android Pay

While Android and iOS seem to only run in different directions, they do get drawn together by each other's innovations. Android has a slew of updates for Marshmallow that iPhone 6 users will already be familiar with, one of which is Android Pay. Although Google Wallet failed in its attempt, it was largely due in part to a lack of infrastructure. But the advent of Android Pay will see a much more comprehensive system, with many store owners and businesses already in possession of the electronic dock Android Pay will utilize.


One of the most sought after upgrades is extended battery life. With Doze, Android Marshmallow will stretch your smartphone's life considerably. Doze even knows when your phone is prone and face down, which enacts a battery save mode that extends your battery life. According to Digital Spy Doze doubles your smartphone's or tablet's battery life.

Google Now

Google Now is Google’s response to iOS's Siri. In Marshmallow, Google Now will be capable of far more thorough conversations. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will even be able to understand context. Whether you’re texting with friends about dinner plans or talking with your significant other about movie times, Google Now will be listening and ready with suggestions.


Chrome is not only faster and sleeker than ever before, but it also can monitor your Internet connection and limit the strain on your connection by cutting out superfluous content. For example, if your connection is bad, you may see blank boxes rather than intricate images while online. Chrome also sports a new Offline Mode, which comes in handy for saving websites you want to refer to later when Internet or cell data isn’t an option.

Google Photos

Google Photos has long been a subsidiary of Google Plus, but with Marshmallow, Google Photos will be its own beast. Google Photos will allow unlimited saved pictures of up to 16MB a piece and video of 1080p. This is a cloud service, so you won’t have to store photos or video on your phone and eat up its memory.

Now on Tap

With Now on Tap, Google Now works inside apps for a sleeker, faster and voice-controlled navigation process to super charge one of its most beloved features. Use Now on Tap by simply pressing and holding the screen until Google Now makes an educated guess at what will be the most helpful to you at the time. It works in accordance with the texts conversation you’re in, the apps you just used and the websites you just browsed.