Android 5.0 volume problem - The solution

lollipop volume button widgetWith the recent release of Android 5.0, managing the volume is no easy task. Google completely redesigned volume management system around notifications and priorities. These changes also affected the way you can control the media volume inside applications.

In previous Android relaeses, it was easy to adjust any volume stream whether you were inside an app, on the homescreen or streaming a video. You had access to all the settings with just the click of a button.

android 4.x volume settings

Things are a little different now. The new system in Android Lollipop is based around interruptions. You basically cannot adjust the media volume if that specific stream isn’t active, meaning you can’t lower or increase the volume if no music or video are playing.

android 4.x volume settings

Don’t get me wrong, the priority system is great. I am the kind of person that always silent his phone. I don’t like to be interrupted when I’m working and now, it’s a built in setting. On the other hand, if you’re in a public place, you want to watch a youtube clip with the volume muted not to disturb your surroundings but you now it’s maxed out because you were listening to your favorite jam in the while taking you shower well .... you’re screwed.

The solution : There is this little widget named Volume Button for Lollipop that allows you to quickly adjust the media volume stream, right from the notification bar. It is an easier way to adjust the volume settings if you’re inside an app. Simply slide down the notification bar and adjust it. No need for music to previously be playing. It also offers the option to toggle it on and off from the lockscreen. Note that this widget is only available for Android 5.0 devices.

android 5.0 volume setting widget

Feel free to give it a try!