Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Rumored Release Date and Features

Anyone who follows Android is looking for the next version of our favorite mobile OS which in this case is going to be Key Lime Pie. The current rumor for official announcement of the Android 5.0 OS is May 15th at Google I/O. We could have all assumed this would be the case but we are actually seeing a little bit of buzz to verify (to an extent). Keep in mind that most of this is speculation and others thinking out loud but there will be some truth to most of it.

The first rumor that looks to be a positive feature of the new Android OS is the fact that it will have a Linux 3.8 kernel. Those of us that flash custom ROM’s on a regular basis understand that a stable kernel is one of if not the most important thing we need when flashing. The kernel is the brain and helps with faster and more stable multi-tasking, RAM usage and even battery drain. With Android’s integration of Project Butter into Jelly Bean we can assume this will improve it even more than its predecessor.

Another feature that may or may not come to light or even be slightly true is Project RoadRunner. This is something that seems to come from the Motorola acquisition based on the awesome battery life of newer Motorola devices. This would if true increase our battery life substantially and remove the worse con of most Android devices, which is poor battery life.

One rumor that we assume is just that is Key Lime Pie only supporting devices with quad-core processors. There are too many devices that are running dual-core processors that are new that would be stuck on Jelly Bean indefinitely if this were the case. This being said there would be a huge number of ROM developers trying to remove the restriction almost right out of the box if it is the case. Challenges over restrictions are something that the Android community takes very serious and love to take on so it wouldn’t last long in our opinion.

Google Now is expected to reach its next level of development with upgrades allowing users to perform useful actions with voice like turning on and off WiFi or Bluetooth. Other enhancements that are rumored are changing screen brightness and improved voice recognition. Sorry to those of you that are looking to be able to have full on conversations with your phone like Siri does (kind of a pathetic use of technology don’t you think?).

Upgraded keyboard which seems to be the case with every new OS in some way is also rumored to be on the new 5.0 OS. Google Babel would be an all in one messaging system that will be announced during Google I/O regardless of the announcement of Key Lime Pie. Babel will also likely be available in some form close to its announcement either way.

A new Play Store is also rumored on the device but we look at a new version of the Play Store as a given since it seems to align with historical releases. The assumption is addition of personalized search, optional promotional campaigns, more billing options and easier in app purchasing.

Addition of “Customization Center” allowing us to customize our devices even more than before. The biggest thing that users should get out of the Customization Center is the ability to use the stock Android UI skin if you would like instead of the custom overlays all these phones get from manufacturers. Other customizations will be organized here as well like ringtones, wallpaper, and launchers.

We are hoping for an announcement of the Google Nexus 5 along side the release of Key Lime Pie although no official word has been given. If Google is going to release the Nexus 5 we can only assume they will package the new OS on it to stay ahead of the curve and do what Google does. While all of this is not likely true we can go ahead and make an educated guess that some of it is. Let us know what you’ve heard and what you think about the features listed here.

Via Android-Advice