Android 5.0 JellyBean Release Date?


It seems that while Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich is still on very few devices that Google already has the next version on its way this summer. At the speed Android phones and tablets are hitting the market we expect no less than the OS to be upgraded as fast.

We have seen with every version of Android a better user experience, speed and battery life so why not keep it coming. Android 5 is rumored to be released in the second quarter of this year. While the current version is Ice Cream Sandwich and the first version to unit tablets and phones, the next iteration will be known as JellyBean.

At the rate the Android OS is growing into new versions it makes app development a very complicated process even with Android’s general backward compatibilities. The choice by Google to update their popular Android OS that gains about 1% adoption is tablet manufacturers hatred for Android 4 according to DigiTimes.

From what we have heard the new Android 5 OS will begin the integration process of the Google Chrome OS’s double boot functions. This will allow you to switch between Android and Windows 8 without rebooting your device. Certainly this could increase the amount of users that adopt the Android OS.

We aren’t sure if the actual numbering system will be Android 5.0 or rather something like Android 4.1 like they did in earlier quick releases. We also can make the assumption that Google will still leave the phone and tablet version one and the same to keep things unified as they started with ICS.