Android 2.1 Eclair for T-mobile Pulse

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So 2.1 finally has been released for Pulse. To see a running Eclair on a Pulse was a big suprise. Somehow the 1.5 seemed so unstable and laggy that I didn't really liked it. But with this new version of Android, I absolutely changed my mind, and I'm looking forward for 2.2, because it's coming soon too.. (hope so, anyway).
There are a few changes since the latest 1.5 (API Level 3) Android version.


- No more freezing after watching Youtube videos.
- ProgressDialogs work for each and every activity changes, it gives you the feeling of a faster UI.
- 2 more shortcut on the bottom menu. (Messaging, Scale)
- New UI Skin
- Faster navigation in Menus
- New languages available (i.e.: Hungarian)
- Live wallpaper
- Emotion widgets
- New Android Market applications available (with screenshots)
- New Google Maps

With this update you'll also reach API Level 7.