And here comes another dev board, the HackBerry A10!

So, you thought people were done with creating their own versions of the “Raspberry Pi”, well this is only the begining of tiny boards by tiny companies being sold. Presenting the new “Hackberry A10″ which is being sold by a company called “Miniland” and it runs Android 4.0 ICS out of the box too!

hackberry a10

The specs are something great too, but you’d expect them to be as they start from an extra $25 from the Raspberry Pi’s base price (which means the HackBerry starts from $60 which isn’t bad). It has a 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A8 Allwiner A10 processor which isn’t too bad at all, and the board supports up to 1GB of RAM. You’re IO options are 802.11n WIFI, USB, Analogue and Digital video output, Ethernet, HDMI, Microphone Jack and a “4-pin serial port” which doesn’t sound too inviting (which hopefully is actually something like a UART or JTAG interface)

The storage is 4GB built-in, but you do have an SD card slot. The GPU is a Mali 400, of which by default reserves 100MB of RAM to function.

The configuration is $60 for 512MB of RAM or add another $5 for 1GB of RAM.

Go check out the website

Source Muktware Via LandOfDroid