Amazon Kindle Fire Major Update Coming Soon!


Those of you with a Kindle Fire know that it is far from a clean, stable easy to use device. The Kindle Fire has been nothing but buggy since its release and will finally be getting the long awaited update to fix many of its issues. In fact to date many people have been returning their Fire tablets and you can now find them in places like Craigslist for nearly 25% off still in the box.

Some of the many issues currently on the device are issues about external voice control and a power button that it always hit unintentionally turning the device off. Another huge concern is the Kindle Fire’s lack of privacy features, where it stores every action on the device for any user to see. Besides these issues customer complaints seem never ending.

Amazon knows that when they sold the device while themselves taking a loss on every one sold that they would rely on cornering the market. This being said they have promised an update in the next week or so to fix many of the issues.

“In less than two weeks, we’re rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire,” said Drew Herdener, a company spokesperson.

Some of the improvements promised are to its multi-touch navigation and performance in general as well as being able to edit the user usage list for increased privacy. We will let you know when the update actually pushes out.