Amazon Cut Google Search From Their Kindle Fire HD

kindle fire hdIn recent months many companies have been trying cut their dependence upon Google. For example Apple are leaving behind Youtube on iOS 6 and Amazon are choosing to start using Nokia Maps as opposed to Google. In a more surprising move it appears that the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD will now be using Bing as its integrated search browser. In a recent Kindle Fire HD hands-on Ubergizmo reports that in the recent upgrade to the Silk browser, we see the swap to Bing.

I’m sure this will cause some waves in the Android world, especially if other developers follow suit. Maybe for some this isn’t a big deal but personally Google search is the only search engine that I really get on with. However it is an understandable move by Microsoft as they have struggled competing with Google in the past and getting Bing onto as many devices as they can may help. As of yet it is unclear if we can switch from Bing as the default, although I’m sure it will be easily possible.

Source Ubergizmo Via LandOfDroid