Amazon’s Flow blends barcode scanning, QR codes, and augmented reality shopping

Why look up a CD on Amazon when you can scan it from your phone and purchase in a matter of seconds?


Amazon subsidiary today announced that they've released Flow for Android. Blending barcode scanning with augmented reality, the app lets shoppers scan common items such as DVDs, CDs, video games, and toys and see product details, pricing, and more. While it's not the first or only barcode scanning app available for Android, it's much more fun than simply handing things off to a Google search.

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The future is rife with possibilities for Flow on Android. Next time you're reading a magazine, why not scan a page to launch a website? Instead of looking at that movie poster, scan it to watch a trailer. The Android version of the app allows for QR code reading, something yet to make its way into the iOS counterpart.

With Flow customers can explore, discover and receive detailed information on products by simply pointing their Android phone towards any desired product with a UPC barcode or including, books, toys, video games and millions more. Upon visual recognition of the item, the app overlays product information, including pricing, availability and the option to play multimedia content or even read customer reviews.

In addition to letting customers learn more about products, the new QR code support also offers access to many forms of other content, from opening websites, connecting to WiFi networks, or adding contacts to their address book.

Flow is available for free in both the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore

Via: AndroidGuys