All Google Play Developers Can Now Reply to User Reviews

Finally Google Play allows developers to write responses to comments in the store, previously this function had been reserved only for Top Developers. Lately more and more devs reported that they can reply to comments, but this was only a staggered rollout until now. They officially announced the feature on Android Developers Blog. Now you can forget the well known solution when devs asking users in the app description to send an e-mail if they have any problems, questions or suggestions. Now the communication can be much easier between the companies and the customers.

Just like the user reviews the developer responses are subject to Google Play posting guidelines, so don’t insult the ones with less than 5 star reviews.
When a dev writes a reply, it will be visible to everybody, and the user will get an e-mail alert.

What will be the next step? Maybe users can comment each others reviews? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Android Developers Blog