Adobe Finally Pull Flash From Android

android flashToday I bring you the news that Adobe are finally pulling Flash from the Android world. After realizing that HTML5 will be the format to lead the mobile world forward, Adobe has decided that they can’t compete any longer. Adobe originally had hopes that they would bring a rich multimedia experience to the mobile and PC world, sadly this appears to no longer be the case.

It was announced in June of this year that Adobe Flash would be pulled from the Android world on August 15th, this day is tomorrow and this will be the case. As of tomorrow we will see Flash pulled from Android. This will happen with a block being put on futrue downloads of Flash for Android.

How did this happen?

Some will argue that the standard failed because Adobe could never get Apple to stand behind it with iOS. Equally as devastating, Adobe had opportunities to turn their mobile position around with Android, but never really effectively marketed its integration features with Google’s popular mobile OS.

So it seems those who loved flash for so many years will now have to convert to HTML5.

Source: Android Authority Via: LandOfDroid