Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

adobe creative cloud

Adobe’s new service offers cloud based solutions especially for groups from small agencies to large organizations. Customers can reach the latest, always current versions of Adobe’s state-of-the-art desktop apps and services, tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and as well as the new HTML5 tools like Muse and Edge.

Our graphic designers use Adobe products for a long time to create stunning app designs. Using Creative Cloud they can share and sync files, so they don’t have to be in the office to work on a specific project. With the central dashboard users can easily keep track of the entire creative universe like files, settings, collaborators and more. Users have access to tutorial videos and inspirational content. Administrators can manage all users, control and customize access in order to adapt the company’s business. Creative Cloud offers 100 GB cloud storage and advanced support services.

In addition, Adobe offers 2 cloud plans. The complete plan includes every app and service, while the single app plan includes 1 app or service.
In conclusion Creative Cloud lets the team work together wherever and whenever they want.

Our designers took advantage of Creative Cloud in multiple projects:
During the development of our personal trainer app – idoo -, Adobe Creative Clouds for teams significantly speeded up the 2D and 3D workflow. Also during the development of InstApp the event app creator, the cloud based working pipeline was really useful when the designers were separated.

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