Adding the overlay on a static image map in Android


I have brought the image (Say a static one) with in web view from my application assets folder and added with that i have given all the settings for the web view like enabling the JS,Zoom Controls ..etc. and made the web view to get loaded within the application, once its get launched.Since its only a static image map. I want to click on one location say CA, it should recognize the location and toast me and the same if i click on NW, it should toast me with the appropriate location. On Clicking couple of location, it should draw a line between those two points at the specified path...

I have been trying a lot to get some ideas for implementing the same. If anybody has a better idea of doing this...Please let me know in which way i should have to proceed in order to achieve the same ?

For better understanding ,the pic that i have attached, is an example. Say i have placed this pic in the webview, If i tap on the source point, it should toast me.. similarly i try on another points that make the path to destination should raise a toast.

Thank you