6 types of bluetooth devices you shouldn't live without

With so many options for Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile devices, it’s easy to stay connected no matter where you are or what you’re doing. You can work out with your favorite music or navigate to a new location without any wires to tie you down.

Bicycle Navigation System

For riding your bike, check out this unique product from Helios. You replace your handlebars with these, which wirelessly link to your phone for turn-by-turn navigation to your destination. There is also a speedometer, built-in headlight, rear-facing lights, and turn signals that you can easily control from the bars.

Kitchen Tools

When you’re chopping veggies or measuring out ingredients for your favorite recipe, connect your iPad to the Prep Pad kitchen scale for easy weighing. It also has nutritional information that allows you to find out about calories and other data in the recipe you’re preparing. It is only available for use with iPad, not iPhone or Android.

Wireless Headsets

Working out is a lot easier when you connect your phone to a wireless headset like the LG Tone Infinim. Instead of getting tangled in wires while you are out on your run, you can play your favorite playlist or listen to a new episode of the latest podcast without needing a headset jack. Many of the newer headsets have excellent sound quality and a sleek design that is comfortable to wear. If you plan to wear it while exercising, be sure to find a set that can resist sweat and moisture. Use caution when exercising outside, since some headsets cancel out background noise.

Door Lock

A Bluetooth lock on your front door can save a lot of time and frustration, since it eliminates the need to fumble through a purse or dig your keys out of your pocket. Offered by several brands, the Bluetooth lock connects with your phone and will unlock as soon as the phone gets within a certain range. You can also send digital keys to friends and family members for easy, yet secure, access to your home. The app allows you to check the lock and keep your home protected even when you are away.

Smart Watch

smart watch on a hand

Image via Flickr by Doug McCaughan

Stay connected with the latest in smart watches, which can show calls, text messages, social media, calendar items, and other alerts on your wrist. You can also customize the face to change the look of your watch every day, whether you want a digital-style or analog-style clock to tell the time.

Fitness Trackers

Find out how much activity you get each day with a fitness tracker that you can wear on your body, then view the data on your mobile device. For many users, these devices provide motivation to get out more and meet fitness goals. You can even get the Whistle Activity Monitor or GPS Pet Tracker to find out how many steps your furry friend takes or where he is, or you can even track your motion with a smart ring like Arcus Motion Analyzer.

With new Bluetooth tech products available every day, it’s fun to shop for useful items that you can connect to your phone or tablet.