6 Creative Uses for Tablets


When people think of tablets, they usually think of e-readers and gaming devices. What you may not realize is that those aren't the only things a tablet can do. With the portability of small, hand-held devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK, your tablet can an amazing tool. Here are six creative uses for your tablet.

1. Train and Play With Your Pet

One way you can utilize your tablet is to make it into an interactive tool with your pet. Pets are beneficial to people's health, and it only makes sense that we should look for ways to help them, too. Your tablet can become a training device, with access to all of the latest books and information on techniques to apps that track progress. You can monitor your pet's weight and exercise to help keep them healthy. There are even interactive apps for pets themselves to use, such as painting programs for cats and nose-touching games for dogs. Once your pet is comfortable with the tablet, there are any number of things you can do together, from play to staying healthy.

2. Streamline Your Recipe Book and Shopping List

Keeping track of a stack of recipe books can be daunting, and finding recipes in a stack of cards or by thumbing through dozens of marked pages can take hours. With a tablet like the NOOK, you can have all of your recipe books in one central place. You can also easily convert recipes into a shopping list, or maintain a master grocery list without having to rewrite every item when you need it. Creating a usual shopping list not only saves you time, but it can help you eat healthier, too. By having a simple way to organize what you buy, you are less likely to forget items you need, as well as better able to track the less healthy options on your menu. You can customize your tablet with various apps to help you calculate and track calories and plan healthier versions of meals, too.

3. Gain a Second Screen for Gaming and TV

Games and television shows are becoming more and more interactive these days. Your tablet can be a great second screen option for your entertainment, allowing you to connect with what you're watching or playing in new ways. Your tablet can be a universal remote for your television, as well as a console interface for your gaming device. With the right app, it can sync up with whatever you're watching to give you behind-the-scenes details and fun bonus features. You can even connect with a community of people also enjoying the same thing you are, all from your hand-held tablet.

4. Boost Your Creativity

Making art can be a way to stretch your mind in new ways and to relieve stress and anxiety. It can also be a way to boost your cognitive ability. Your tablet can be a great creative tool through any number of avenues. With your tablet, you can make music anywhere you go, or create playlists and mixes to share. Video and photo editing lets you share your own view with the world in new and interesting ways. And painting on a budget has never been easier, as your tablet becomes your canvas and your fingers become brushes. Getting your creative juices flowing has never been easier, thanks to the easy access of tablets, and the portability allows you to take your inspiration on the go with you as you explore the world.

5. Have a Personal Assistant

Who wouldn't want a personal assistant that's available 24 hours a day? With your tablet, you can have your very own PA to help you stay organized and on track. By having a calendar with reminders in place, access to emails and social media, and an easy way to read and share documents and visual aids at any time and place, your tablet can be an excellent personal assistant. You can keep track of your finances, plan your vacations, and schedule your appointments all from one device.

6. Create Your Own Fitness Guru

Staying in shape is important and good physical health brings a host of benefits, but finding time to go to the gym can be challenging. A tablet can be your very own personal trainer, with the ability to stream workouts for you to do on the go and a range of fitness books and apps. You can track your physical activities and set goals for yourself, as well as try out new fitness techniques and workout routines. Getting into a fitness habit is easier than ever because your tablet goes everywhere you go. Even when you're out of town or need to work late, your fitness support system is always there and available to you.