6 Android Tablet Apps that People Want to See

There are tons of apps out there, but have you ever looked for an app and simply couldn't find it? There are a variety of apps and app types that don’t yet exist on the Google Play. What are some of the most sought after, non-existent apps today?

Block Them, Block Them All

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Have you ever wanted to block people from messaging you? It’s such a pain in the butt to block people from every single app or program. However, with the perfect app you could easily block people from calling, texting, and even emailing you. Android needs to create an app that can do this all from one central place, and you have an app that is sure to sell.

How do you Print?

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Printing from anywhere would be nice. There are some printers today that allow you to print from anywhere with the IP address. A printer app for smartphones and tablets would be an addition that many would find extremely useful. You could print anything, anywhere with the touch of a button.

Make Shopping Simple

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If you had an app that showed you a map of the grocery store, or knew exactly what isle the ketchup was in, would you use it? This hypothetical app would make shopping so much easier and faster. Wandering the isles and flagging down associates would be a thing of the past. Just make sure you bring your tablet along, or you might get lost.

Write Anywhere, Easily

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There are quite a few writing apps out there, but many people want something that will stand out. A word processing app that has all the bells and whistles is needed. This app would make it easy for people to write, while offering them a variety of options along the lines of the full word processor. An app like this would help writers, bloggers, students, and business people all over the world utilize their tablets like they would their ultrabooks.

Make Appointments Anywhere

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Do you dread calling the doctor or the dentist to make your yearly check-up? Going in is no problem, but that pesky phone call seems to drain all your energy. With the perfect appointment app, you could hit a button (or set a date ahead of time), and the app would make the appointment for you. This would be perfect for anyone on the go, with kids, or who makes a lot of appointments.

Get a Diagnosis From Your Phone

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Ok, so there are apps like WebMD that can help you understand if you are unhealthy. However, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could point your tablet at yourself, take a picture, and it could tell you exactly what was wrong? Though the technology for this is still far in the future, it is a possibility someday.

Having the perfect apps on your tablet help you improve your everyday life. There are many app that people would love to see, but simply haven’t been created yet. What apps do you think need to be created, and soon?

About the Author:

DJ Miller is a graduate student at the University of Tampa. He is an avid gadget geek who spends most his time writing on anything tech related. In his spare time he likes to travel, play soccer, and watch movies. You can follow him on twitter @MillerHeWrote