5 Ways You Can Fight Off Malware on Your Android

Android phones have dominated the market share and with good reason too. The Android marketplace is brimming with apps and the interface is smooth and easy to use. The overall performance of the platform is the best there is to offer and just about everyone wants to get their hands on it, one way or the other. This also includes and hackers and malware professionals. These specific beings are the bane of anyone’s technological existence. From Android spyware to keyloggers and other nuisances, these professionals make it their business to get into you Android phones.

Of course, there are a number of security measures that one can take to reduce the risk and make sure that one’s Android stays safe from harm. This includes taking the following advice.

  1. Don’t Open Emails and Links. Just like protecting your computer, you need to beware of opening emails on your Android. If you do not recognize a sender, then exercise your common sense and stay away from it. Phishing is a common way of getting a malware into your phone and links which are sent into inboxes usually lead to scams or mal apps. Hence do not click open any unknown emails.
  2. Do not allow for automatic installation of apps. If you have not specifically and consciously made a request for software, do not allow it to go through. Unknown programs often disguise themselves as free games and friendly accelerators but are in fact disguised malware. If any fishy or strange looking program appears on your phone, get rid of it immediately and then run virus scans.
  3. Always Lock the Android. Make sure that you never leave the phone unattended, and more importantly, never leave it unlocked. Androids are known for having nifty pattern locks that you can easily use to tighten the security on your phone. To activate it, simply go to the Settings menu, open up Location and Security and go to Set Unlock Pattern. From here, swipe your fingers to come up with your own swipe key and use that as a password. This will ensure that no one will be able to get into your phone and allow malware to enter it (whether conscious or unconsciously).
  4. Be update Savvy. Make sure that at all times all the software in your Android is updated. If fixes and vulnerabilities are available, then do not delay in getting them. Further, do not keep outdated programs on your phone as they may become vulnerabilities and susceptible to malware penetration. Keeping your anti-virus updated is also very important as an outdated one can mean that you potentially already have malware on your Android without knowing it.
  5. Be Careful with Apps. Since there is already an abundance of apps on the Android market, and those too which are from third parties, you must be very careful when downloading them. The probability of malware making it into your phone via apps is the highest there is. To avoid this, make sure you use App Permissions and check the app activity regularly for any suspicious behavior.

Author Bio: Jessica is a writer for MobiStealth and contributes user help articles regarding mobile technology regularly. She can be contacted @jcarol429.