5 Ways to Prepare for Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is taking the world by storm. Rather than having to load up their computers or laptops if they want to go online shopping, users can now simply tap a button on their mobile phone. This allows your customers to interact with your company from any location, and at any time of the day or night. To prepare yourself for the Android revolution, here are some top tips.

1. Develop Your SEO Campaigns

Although you might believe that your marketing campaigns will stay the same when you transition to mobile commerce, your marketing is one of the major aspects of your company strategy that needs to be refreshed. This is because customers will search for different terms and phrases on their mobile than they would on their laptops due to the quick and casual nature of mobile web searches. Not only this, but many people choose to conduct searches through voice recognition software, meaning that you need to adapt your keywords to include questions and other spoken terms. At Click Intelligence, their managed SEO campaigns can help you to connect and be found by your audience no matter what device they are using.

2. Create a Responsive Website

If your website is only compatible with laptops and computers, mobile users may find it difficult to resize and navigate your website, especially in terms of clicking on the right buttons and searching for the information that they are looking for. Then, you need to make sure that you have a responsive web design that changes automatically to reflect the device that your customer is using. If you do not have the expertise to implement this, website builders such as Wordpress allow you to create a professional website from pre-made themes that respond to a variety of different devices.

3. Increase Payment Options

When customers are buying from your company on their mobile, it is likely that they will be using different payment options. After all, once you have experienced the ease of shopping on a mobile, no one then wants to spend minutes hunting around the house for their physical credit card. There are many apps and payment options that are popular on mobiles that you should think of accommodating. For instance, Google Pay is a payment app that allows customers to store their debit and credit card details and to pay for products directly from their phones.

4. Develop an App

If you believe that your website is not enough, you should develop an Android application for your store. This will encourage your customers to shop with you on a more regular basis, will improve their user experience, and you can even use this platform to encourage loyalty with discounts, memberships, and deals that are exclusive to the app itself.

5. Give the Same Experience

The customers that have transitioned with you from your web store to your mobile store will desire the same experience that you have given them previously, even if they are now using a mobile device. Then, you should make sure that you offer the same products and services, the same pricing, and even the same payment options on every device to check that your customers all get the top experience that they deserve.