5 Best Android Smartphone Apps You Must Try this Month

Everyday, hundreds of new smartphone applications are developed and made available on the different mobile platforms. Android smartphones get most of their applications and games from Google Play which currently boasts of having more than 1,412,200 applications. Since there is a wide variety of applications available, it makes it hard for smartphone users to try them out even if they are willing to. To help you with your choice, tech information blog has compiled a list of five of the best android smartphone apps that you need to try this week.


inbox android app

Currently, the application is only available for the invites only. With this particular application, Google intends to allow its clients to eliminate the pitfalls of most of their email apps. With this application, people should be able to use their email snooze alarm which should then remind them to revisit some of the emails they choose to put off.

LinkedIn Pulse

linkedin pulse android app

Today, the web is filled with thousands of news sites, which basically make it hard to locate your most interesting articles. With this application, designers equipped LinkedIn Pulse with the ability to help users organize their favorite feeds into an attractive and grid-style interface. With these features, the application makes it easy to keep tabs with all the headlines through a custom feed of all your favorite sites and topics. It also has the ability of tying into your other social media accounts such as Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr accounts.


spotify android app

This is one of the best music applications that are available in the market. Spotify is not a free app, it costs $9.99 per month, which is pretty decent considering the services it renders. With this application, you can find the latest singles, or even the obscure disco ditty. The library is extensive with all kinds of songs in it. To add to this, you are given the privilege of downloading your custom playlist that can be listened to offline.


netflix andoird app

As we speak, Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming services available in the market. At just $7.99 a month, you get to enjoy unlimited access to a library that is well furnished with thousands of popular TV shows and movies. With Netflix, you get an opportunity to directly stream the TV shows and the movies to your smartphone while at the same time allowing you to maintain a place in the videos you began watching on your TV.
Other amazing features that come with Netflix include: a pretty strong search engine, a super attractive interface that comes with images, a user rating feature, plot description and detailed recommendations.

Microsoft Office

microsoft office android app

With this application in place, you'll not see the need to download apps that enable you convert Microsoft Word docs into other formats for editing. The app allows you to directly edit files from your phone. This way, you can easily edit documents and send them directly from your smartphone.