4 Fingers of Android Fun

Well this has been the biggest news of the day for me, forget about Nokia being sold to Microsoft, the big news out of America today is that the next version of Android has been named by the team at Mountain View.
For as long as I can remember the touted name for the next Android version was Key Lime Pie and today Google quashed every rumour out there by naming the next version…

Wait for it…


android kitkat

Yep that’s right folks, Key Lime Pie is no more, long live Kit Kat’s and their 4 fingers of Android goodness.

Now here’s the thing, will it remain in the 4 numbering plan like Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich did (cause there are 4 fingers) or will they shift it straight to 5 and bring out a special edition bar?

Another question I have is this… how much did Nestle pay Google for this deal? I imagine an awful lot.

Source: Android.com Via: LandofDroid