3 Ways to Give Added Value to Your Mobile Storefront

How many people do you know who don’t have a mobile device of some sort? There are few people walking around these days without a cell phone, a tablet or netbook, and this is a market you will find extremely lucrative if you learn how to add value to your storefront – your digital storefront, that is! Although you have made every effort to build a responsive website that can be viewed well on those small screens, you still aren’t seeing the revenue you had envisioned from the mobile market. You might want to look at the following 3 ways to give added value to your mobile storefront to see if this doesn’t boost sales in a major way.

1. Make Life Easy for Them!

It is a given that most people search more often on a mobile device than they do on a PC nowadays, so why not make life easier for them? Have you considered using an industry specific search engine? For example, consider what Octopart has done in the field of electronic parts and components. They have put together a search engine specific to the industry, and although they aren’t in partnership with any of the products listed in their massive online search engine, they do get a bit of income from searches that are converted. To see how this kind of added value works, check out the Octopart FAQ page. It’s an interesting concept! This kind of service makes life easier for visitors to your site and will bring a bit of revenue to you as well!

2. Offer Mobile-Only Specials

Then, there are mobile-only specials you might want to run. Consider for a moment that one person who finds your site on their break at work but doesn’t really have the time to shop at that moment. By the time they get home, they may not remember where they saw that dress or those beautiful drawer pulls they want to use when renovating their kitchen. Give them incentive to bookmark your mobile storefront. Offer mobile-only specials so that they can continue their shopping from home on their mobile device.

3. Tap into the Power of Video

While there are millions of people who are quite happy making purchases on a mobile site, there are equal numbers who prefer getting a better look at the products they are interested in. Now that you have seen just how much YouTube has exploded and is both the second-largest social site as well as being the second-largest search engine, why not tap into the power of video? You don’t need to have professionally shot videos, because any instructive video will work. Keep that video on your site or upload it to your YouTube channel. Let your video do the selling for you!

So, there you have 3 easy ways to add value to your mobile storefront. If you are looking to increase sales, make life easier for those who land on your mobile site. When offering a responsive design isn’t quite enough, these will carry you through to higher profitability with just a little time and effort.