3 Reasons Why Companies Need To Have Mobile Marketing Campaigns

mobile marketing

Would you believe there are still companies out there that haven’t adopted mobile marketing strategies?

That may sound like a surprise to some people, while others will nod their heads knowingly. It isn’t that companies don’t want to reach out to as many consumers as they can with their marketing campaign. The problem with mobile marketing for some companies is two-fold.

  • They don’t know how to engage in mobile marketing advertising that will be beneficial enough to bring in new consumers.
  • They believe mobile marketing will take away too much of their advertising budget when they can use tried-and-true marketing techniques that have always brought in sales.

Yet consumers will always be ready to embrace new technologies. They adapt those technologies fully into their lives as they will use it find products and services they want to purchase. Companies who aren’t willing to reach out to these mobile consumers are effectively excluding a demographic that wants to spend their money. Here are (at least) three reasons why companies need to adopt mobile marketing campaigns and hire mobile advertising companies today.

  1. According to Entrepreneur, 42% of Americans over the age of 18 own a smartphone, and 87% of those people will access their email accounts and the Internet using their smartphones. In addition, 42% of these people will use their smartphone to compare product prices with other companies while they are shopping in the store. Creating a marketing campaign focused on Internet and email advertising optimized for smartphone use can reach these customers and prompt a positive conversion rate toward sales.
  2. Advertising companies understand the need for their clients to go mobile. National and local advertising companies are keeping current with the latest consumer buying trends and are tailoring their services with the best apps, mobile-optimized websites and mobile tracking tools for business clients who aren’t knowledgeable about this marketing platform. If you own a company and are looking for mobile advertising companies, seek out a reputable company such as Hipcricket.
  3. Mobile marketing isn’t restricted to any particular industry. All companies can engage in effective mobile marketing advertising for B2C and B2B engagement. News sites such as Reuters, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal all have dedicated mobile websites. Investment companies also have mobile sites and apps to help consumers and businesses keep track of their financial trades: Fidelity, Nasdaq, Schwab and Ameritrade.

The most important fact about engaging in mobile marketing campaigns is that you are reaching out to more potential sales. And, really, there is every reason to include mobile users in your advertising techniques. Creating a friendly and engaging mobile website and apps for mobile users will ensure that those users will share a positive experience with their network of family member and friends — more potential consumers who may purchase your products and services.

Adopt the mobile marketing techniques that work best for your company and fit well into your required budget. Some techniques, such as building a fanbase on social media platforms to give your company more visibility, only costs the amount of time and effort you place in advertising on these free social sites. Contact mobile advertising companies, such as Hipcricket, for a list of expanded services when you want to fully integrate your marketing techniques into the mobile advertising world.

Via: Android-advice