11 Skills Essential for the Success of Mobile App Development Companies

In today’s digital world, mobile apps have become important tools for businesses. Since consumers are spending more and more time on their mobile devices, businesses are taking advantage of this to connect with their customers, offer services more conveniently, boost customer retention and increase revenue through the use of mobile apps. And customers are easily embracing apps for the convenience they offer. According to Statista, the number of mobile apps downloaded by consumers in 2018 was 178.1 billion and the numbers are expected to shoot up to 258.2 billion in 2022. This statistic is proof that app development services are in demand and the demand is expected to rise over time.

Thus, app development experts can expect better profits as more companies and consumers embrace advanced technology for their businesses. It is a good career or business idea to pursue in 2019. However, holding an app development title will not get you customers or grow your business. You require a few hard and soft skills to succeed in this sector. Whether you are already in the mobile app development business or are looking to start one, below are a couple of skills you need to work on for your business to be successful.


This is one of the most important skills in app development because it plays a key role in determining the success of the app. Since consumers have a wide range of choices, apps that are not appealing are normally overlooked. Great UI and UX skills are essential for developing apps that will draw the attention of the user, enhance user satisfaction and boost the reputation of a brand. When your customers get the value for their money, they are more likely to give you repeat business, recommend your services to others and give your business positive reviews.

The user experience and user interface are determined by your ability to understand the target users and the purpose of the app, use the right design tools, create an error free app and personalize the experience, among many others.

Programming Languages

Knowledge of several programming languages is essential for your business because it broadens the number of jobs you can handle. If you are only familiar with programming languages for iOS, you will not be able to handle Android Apps. Therefore, learn as much as possible and look into cross platform application development. This is because nowadays many businesses want apps that can work across multiple platforms.


For your application development services to stand out, you will require a good knowledge of cybersecurity. Apps, just like websites, are at risk of cyber-attacks. If you don’t take care of security issues at the development stage, hackers will take advantage of that to steal valuable customer and business information once the app goes live. Therefore, you should ensure that you have adequate cybersecurity skills in the house to avoid putting your clients through such trauma.


Great writing skills are essential for writing a good app description. The description should be short and clear, outlining the uses and benefits of the app in a manner that entices users to download. Since writing doesn’t take much time, you can hire a freelancer to offer writing services for your team part time.

Data Skills

Data collection and analysis is essential for developing good apps. For instance, when you analyze the performance of previous apps, you will know the best action to take so that the new app performs better. Data analysis can also help in choosing a marketing plan for the app and also evaluating the performance of the app after launch. Courses in applied statistics such as Michigan Tech's online statistics degree program equip individuals with the skills necessary to collect, interpret and analyze data for use in making important decisions.

Cloud Computing

Cloud mobile apps offer a number of benefits to users and companies. Examples include ease of scalability, improved security, and better functionality. For the developer, the benefits include reduced costs and quick development.

Internet of Things

IoT is changing many things for the better, and mobile apps are no exception. Proper knowledge and application of IoT can reduce app development time and create apps that offer a great user experience.

Business Skills

Business skills are essential for two key reasons. One, they help in creating an app that will stand out in the midst of a thousand similar apps. Two, business skills are essential for running your own business. You have to be good at planning, delegating, communicating with your team members and clients, identifying business opportunities and growing strong teams for your business to succeed.


For the apps you create to stand out, you have to be very creative. Don’t be the professional who looks at other apps and creates a replica to earn money fast. Rather, study other apps with the aim of gaining ideas and identifying steps you can take to create better solutions and then use your creativity to come up with something outstanding. If you have to borrow a feature, find a way to make yours more unique or attractive.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

These are some other soft skills that are essential for successful app development. A number of problems will come up along the way, and as a developer, you have to find the best solution and make a decision quickly to ensure the entire process goes smoothly.

Detail Oriented

App development is a process that requires attention to every little detail. Overlooking one small detail can cause a big impact, such as delivering an app that doesn’t meet the needs of the end user, or the application failing to work.
With the right skills in your company, you will have a good flow of work throughout the year. When hiring members for your team, check their qualifications carefully and do a practical evaluation to ensure that you hire people with the right skills. You can also offer mobile app development internships jobs and hire those who perform well during the internship period.