10 Best Popular Funny Apps For Android Users

funAndroid smart phones can now replace the functions offered by most DSL internet providers, allowing users to go online, socialise with friends and get on with work while on the move. However, the Android Market has hundreds of thousands of applications, many of which are designed purely to give you a laugh. Here are 10 of the best Android applications that can help keep you smiling throughout the day.

Fat Booth

King of the funny apps is Fat Booth, the photograph editor which shows you and your friends what you might look like if you were morbidly obese.

Mood Scanner

The implication of this app is that the phone's screen can be used to scan your thumb print and determine your current state of mind from this information. The fact that this is impossible is funny in itself and actually adds to the entertainment value of the app.

Funny Facts Free

This ad-supported app gives you instant access to a huge library of hilarious true facts that will make you laugh and think at the same time.

Cheezburger Sites

The popular cat caption site I Can Haz Cheezburger has grown into a network of humorous domains where you can get your fill of web-based memes. This app gives you access to the latest images on your Android phone, circumventing your DSL internet providers and laptop.

The Moron Test

Designed to separate the Einsteins from the dunces, this game will test your puzzle skills and make first-time players feel a little silly, which puts you in a position to gently mock them.

Talking Tom Cat

A number of apps with talking animals, people and mythical characters have emerged recently, but this is the best. This cartoon cat will repeat anything that it hears being said and will even record videos, so you can entertain the kids and post your efforts to a social-networking site.

18,000 Cool Jokes

This regularly updated joke app has quips and puns based on a number of different categories, so it is easy to find a gag about the topic you want. It also ranks jokes daily, weekly and monthly so you know what other users are finding funny right now.

Funny Kids Cam

You can frame the faces of your kids in a number of funny borders using this app, which will save you a trip to the end of a pier at the seaside. There are plenty of backgrounds to pick and you can save your efforts to your phone's memory card for safe keeping.

Funny Status Updates for Facebook

If you ever feel like your friends are being funnier than you on the world's biggest social-networking site, then they are probably using this app. It lets you read through and then post one of thousands of humorous status updates, with a stock of quotes replenished on a daily basis so you always have something good to say.

LOL Pics

If animal pictures do not tickle your funny bone as much as snaps of human beings in silly situations, then this app should be right up your street.

Each one of these 10 funny Android apps will brighten up your day, so you won't just have to rely on Angry Birds to make you smile or keep you entertained on the morning commute to work or school.

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