How to create a custom titlebar

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If you got sick and tired of the default style/behavior of the title bar in your apps, or just need something different, than here is a little snippet for You.

Speeding up android applications

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First of all, define what do we mean under "speed": in one hand its the time that the code needs to execute, on the other hand its the time the user needs to wait for the user interface. The two things can greatly differ, of course you must optimize the code performance, but the most important is what the user sees from it. Don't make the user wait, unless its necessary.

Do not pull back the ui thread
The very basic principle is to never run slow operations on the user interface thread! If you do this the interface will freeze until the operation is executed, which is not a nice user experience. If the execution takes too long the android system will detect it and offer the opportunity to the user to force close the frozen application:

How to make Tabs UI with icons

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So here's how it's going to be look like:

Your class has to extend TabActivity:

  1. public class YourClass extends TabActivity {
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. }

After that, here's how to configure a Tab:
1. Create a LinearLayout in your main.xml, with the id: "TabOne"
2. Paste these lines after onCreate() :

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