Layar tutorial part 2

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The first tutorial, we went through the steps to create a simple layer.
In this tutorial, we are going to explain how to include actions in this layer

Cloud to device messaging

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Android has so many features, that it's hard to go over every one of them. We wanted to try out cloud to device messeging (c2dm) for a long time now, and in the past few days I had some time to play with it. Here is a small tutorial on the topic.

Project development using Google Code and Subversion

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Here is a little tutorial, if you want to check "Fancy time and date picker" by tamas!

Join to Google Code project from Eclipse

• Eclipse SVN plugin: Help-> Install New Software ...
Add a link to install Subclipse:
• Installing Subclipse
• Add SVN Repository: File-> New-> Other-> SVN-> Checkout Project from SVN
• Create a new repository location
• Copy the project SVN repository access

Communicating between an activity and the browser - callback

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A few days ago Gabor made an article about communicating between activites. I'm currently working on a pet project that uses Oauth with the google data api, where I had to get a response from the browser, so let's take a look at communicating between an activity and a browser.

Parsing UTF-8 encoded content correctly from SQL through Php with Json

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To get this thing working, just follow these steps:

1. First thing to do is changing the default character set of your SQL database and its tables to UTF-8.

2. Your Php file should look something like this:

  1.   $connection = mysql_connect("server_ip_address", "user", "password");
  3.   if (!$connection) die("Couldn't connect to server");
  4.   mysql_select_db("database_name", $connection) or die("Could'nt select the database!");
  6.   // This is very IMPORTANT!!!
  7.   mysql_query("SET NAMES 'UTF8'");  
  9.   $sth = mysql_query($query);
  10.   $rows = array();
  11.   while($r = mysql_fetch_assoc($sth)) {
  12.       $rows[] = $r;
  13.   }
  14.   print json_encode($rows);
  16.   mysql_close($connection);  
  17. }

3. Now you can parse these json forrmatted strings, to your application. Here's how:

Checking users installed flash version

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Here is a little tutorial on checking users flash version. It comes in handy, if you want to use flash content in your app. Flash lite can cause some problems, so this snippet is also about that...

Remote control your android

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In this tutorial I'll show you a way to remote control your android device via Wifi, Lan, Internet or Usb.
You'll need 2 applications installed on a rooted device, and another client software installed on your pc or another phone.
First, go to market, and install and open this application:

Then you can install this Vnc Server application:


Flickr api, random image goodness

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Lately we have been doing all kinds of demo projects, and tests, where we did not want to use constant data to present our products. Having a demo of your application is only nice, if it has relevant data in it. It could be top class technology, but if it is using the same image 20 times in a list, well that does not look very good.
Getting 20 relevant images on a subject takes up a lot of time, even with search engines and royalty free photo sites.Luckily most search able sites have free apis, here is a little snippet for flickr's services.

Interrupting a call

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end callAs far as I know there is no public API for interrupting/ending a call. You can detect calls and the states of calls, maybe even prevent an outgoing call, but there is no API for ending an ongoing call.
This must be a security issue, but I also met the need of this feature, and only was able to do some workaround: turning on airplane mode interrupts all wireless connections including phone calls.

Share on - popup snippet, and facebook problems

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Android always had very good social network, and communcation tool integration. All of the preinstalled communication tpye apps, and a lot of 3rd party apps have support for communcation between each other, via the ACTION_SEND intent.

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